Zane Nachazel
Manager of Soldan's S. Lansing store
About Zane Nachazel

About Zane Nachazel

Name: Zane

Position: Manager of Soldan's S. Lansing store

#TeamSoldans Since: Spring of 2015

Pets: Two cats - Leonidas and the munchkin, Buddha; one Bernese Mountain Dog Montgomery; Three snakes - Butters, Rumple, and Ebenezer Squeezer; three ferrets -Nero, Otto, and Juno; and Cho-Simba-One the chinchilla

Likes: Going to pet expos and concerts. Zane also has a real passion for taking photos of peoples animals and making short films for himself, Soldan’s, and others. 

Zane’s Pick: Benebones! They provide Monte with hours of entertainment without the worry of being broken or pieces being bitten off. A great product for heavy chewers or teething puppies.