Jade Mills
Manager of Soldan’s West Lansing store
About Jade Mills

Name: Jade Mills

Position: Manager of Soldan’s West Lansing store

#TeamSoldans Since: Winter of 2012

Pets: Three dogs - Buster, Princess, and Rose; Troll the cat; three Chinchillas - Karn, Venser, and Vraska; three Degus - Darth Vader, Han Solo, and Chewbacca; Bryle the Hedgehog; Bjorn, the Oscar; and Jamal the Betta Fish. 

Likes: Sewing, knitting, going to agility classes with her dogs, camping, crocheting, and going to Soldan's events with her service dog, Buster.

Jade’s Pick: The Kurgo Quantum Leash. This 6 in 1 leash allows her to be hands free while being out and about with her dogs.